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CitationAbbas, Hassan. "A Failure to Communicate: American Public Diplomacy in the Islamic World," in The Making of a Terrorist, Vol. 3: Root Causes, edited by James J.F. Forest (Westport, CT: Praeger Security International, 2005).
Topic 1Strategic Communications/Public Diplomacy
Topic 2Counterterrorism Policies - A Macro Perspective
Topic 3The Framework
CountryU.S., Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
AbstractAbbas argues that the war of ideas and the battle for the "hearts and minds" of Muslims is by no means over. He draws on analyses of U.S. public diplomacy in Pakistan and Iran to illuminate lessons learned for consideration - for example, he notes, "closing the channels of communication and dialogue has never proved to be a productive measure." His recommendations for U.S. policymakers include: acknowledging past mistakes; understanding the limitations of public diplomacy; employing efficient feedback mechanisms to assess the impact of specific policies; establishing and encouraging forums for people-to-people interaction; framing important issues in more constructive ways than "you are either with us or against us;" and supporting reform of the education sector in Muslim countries, especially where madrasa networks are entrenched. [JF]

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