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Terrorism Bibliog 2003

CitationAbraham, Shara. "Chechnya: Between War and Peace." Human Rights Brief, vol. 8, no. 2 (2001), 1-8.
Topic 1Case Studies
Topic 2Religion and Conflict
Topic 3
CountryChechnya, Russia
AbstractThis article examines issues of accountability in the Chechen war. Abraham argues that the West's response to the conflict has been contradictory, and international efforts to put an end to the atrocities have been limited to non-binding resolutions which deplored humanitarian law violations in Chechnya and called upon the Russian government to immediately establish a national, broad-based commission of inquiry and to investigate and prosecute alleged violations of human rights and breaches of humanitarian law. However, Russia has refused to implement the resolution' s key provisions. Reluctance to deal harshly with Russia compromises the international commitment to protecting human rights and denigrates the credibility of international bodies. Abraham argues that the international community must insist on a credible, impartial, and transparent accountability process. Ensuring truth and justice is necessary to building long-term peace in the region.

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